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Dehydrates of Vegetable & Fruits can be used in dry soup mixes, canned soups & sauces, frozen entrees, processed meats, baby foods, dairy products & seasoning blends. Dehydration of fruits & vegetables is done by various processes like Traditional Sun Drying, Solar Dryers, Mechanical Dryers, vacuum freeze drying , vacuum drying, Osmotic dehydration, dehydration through explosion puffing and microwave based technique, scientific cultivation of vegetables and hot air dehydration processing. This is a list of our main Dehydrated Vegetables/Fruits products only. If you have interest in any other Dehydrated Vegetables/ Fruits products please contact us.

Banana Powder Garlic Powder/Flakes/Granules Onion Powder/Flakes
Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia) Ginger Powder Orange Juice Powder
Cabbage Grape Fruit Juice Powder Papaya Powder
Carrot Flakes / Bits/ Powder Green Chilli Pineapple Fruit Juice Powder
Capsicum Slice LIme Juice Powder Potato Fingers / Granules/ Powder
Cauliflower Mango Juice Powder / Slices Red Beet Juice Powder
Corriander Leaves/Powder Mushroom Pieces Spinach Leaves
Curry Leaves Mustard Leaves Tomato Powder
Fenugreek Leaves Mint Leaves / Powder/ Flakes
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