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Wilson’s Agro consult clients on a variety of issues related to floriculture etc. Our team play the role of advisors and carry out practical research. We assist clients on investing in the best suited crops, gauging the tune of investment and provide counselling on weather conditions, soil testing, cultivation mediums, pest control, use of pesticides/fertilizers and understanding the market environment. The objective is to increase the growers’ income by improving productivity. We provide all kinds of technical and business advice to the clients related to floriculture etc.

We have a vast network which allows us to procure and supply seeds/young plants of any crop these are some of the flowers we deals with:

1 Alstroemeria 12 Leather Leaf
2 Anthurium 13 Limonium
3 Aster 14 Orchid (Catteleya)
4 Bird of Paradise 15 Orchid (Dendrobium)
5 Carnation 16 Orchid (Mokra)
6 Chrysanthmum 17 Orchid (Vanda)
7 Gerbera 18 Phalaenopsis
8 Gladialous 19 Rose
9 Hydragea 20 Tulip
10 Hypericum 21 Zantedeschia
11 Lilium (Asiatic, LA Hybrid, Oriental, OT Hybrid) 22 All Kinds of Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Cut Flower Projects Features:
• Preparing project reports.
• Selection of varieties that suit your conditions and needs
• Crop cultivation, treatments, new growing methods, watering, fertilization, harvest and post- harvest management
• Implementation supervision
• Diagnosis & control of pests and diseases
• Improvement of low-yielding crops
• Adoption of new technologies (greenhouse structures, covering materials, heating, ventilation & cooling systems etc.)
• Training growers and their staff

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