Agri – Horti & Flor

Wilson’s Agro is in the business of supplying of Green House, Poly House, Mist Chambers, Agro Shadehouse, Hi Tech Nurseries and Horticulture Projects in India on a large scale.

Low Cost | High Cost Polyhouse | Naturally Ventilated | Aerodynamic Polyhouse | Shade House | Poly Tunnels | Green House Polycarbonate Sheet & Open Field etc

Frame-works – Hot dipped Galvanized Lipped Channel S” Structure/Tubular Structure.
Coverings – U.V.Film/ Polycarbonate Sheet/ Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet/ Shading – Thermal Shade Net.
Environment Controls – Cooling System/ Heating System/ Humidity Control/ Spy PAR Lighting.
Accessories – Filtration & Fertigation Equipment/ Pipes & Fittings/ Modular Benches/ Hr Trellis/ Soil Sterilizer/ Drainage System.
Irrigation – Drip Irrigation for Soil Less Substrate/ Soil Media – Micro Sprinkler -Overhead/ Inverted Sprinklers – Misting System – Misters/ Foggers.
Automation Controls – Automatic Controlling of Temperature/ Humidity/ Fertigation/ Ventilation/ C02 Monitoring/ Weather station.
All Crops & Plants – Floriculture/ Fruits / Spices / Vegetables/ Herbal – Medicinal/ Aromatic/ Exotic.

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