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Oils and Oleoresins

Spice Oils /Oleoresins are the concentrated liquid form of the spice and reproduce the character of the respective spice and spice oil fully. They are obtained by the solvent extraction / Super critical fluid extraction / steam distillation etc.. of the spices.

India is one of the biggest producers of varieties of spices in the world. Indian food is famous/liked throughout the world because of its spices. Indian spices add distinctive aroma and flavor to the foods. Apart from good flavor lot of Indian spices have been used in Aryurved for their medicinal values like Turmeric is antibiotic, Tamarind is antioxidant, Blackpepper is anti depressant , Ginger is an important digestive remedy etc.

This is a list of our main Spice Oil/Oleoresins products only. If you have interest in any other Spices/Spice Oils/Oleoresins products please contact us.

Ajwain Seed Oil Carrot Seed Oil Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Oil
Anithi Sowa (Dill) Oil Celery Seed Oil/Oleoresin Fennel Seed Oil
Black Pepper Oil /Oleoresin Cinnamon Leaf Oil Fenugreek Seed Oil
Capsicum Oleoresin Clove bud Oil Ginger root Oil / Oleoresin
Cardamom Oil Corriander Seed Oil Nutmeg Oil /Oleoresin
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